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Collaboration Between Big and Small Enterprises

To promote innovative transformation of large enterprises and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area encourages Royalstar, TusStar and other star makers platforms to have face-to-face idea exchanges and collaboration with SMEs.


As a national demonstration base for both innovation and entrepreneurship, Royalstar has shared its experience of how it makes good use of such elements as fund, manufacturing and market it has gathered under the influenced of its award-winning brand, how it selects makers projects and how it achieves the “zero death rate” of the projects.


Large enterprises need technological innovation but lack of “action tools”, while small businesses are suitable for technological innovation but lack of resources and experience. The drive of collaboration is a good bridge between big and small enterprises, good for big enterprises to find new growth points and small businesses to grow faster.


Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area has sped up its innovation and entrepreneurship program in recent years. It has set up quite a few innovation platforms such as TusStar, Garage Cafe, and 5F Makers Space. In addition, it encourages big enterprises to build their own project incubators.


(Translated by Li Li, reviewed by Wang Jiwan and proofread by Chen Fei)