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Overseas Big Vs in Hefei

A few days ago, big Vs from ten countries including Germany, France and Pakistan came to Hefei to learn the high-tech development and local customs of the city.


Chinese-style embroidery acoustic equipment, ultrasonic mosquito repellent, mineral water cup, intelligent RV...... In China (Hefei) Industrial Design City, these creative won praise from the overseas visitors.


Nuttapong Namsirikul is a famous radio and television host in Thailand. This is his first visit to Hefei. He said he has not only seen the beautiful scenery of the city, but also the scientific and technological development of the city.


The “Shushe” study in the forest of the Four-season Flower Sea in Shushan District is the first library in a park of Hefei, which impressed the visitors deeply.


Gëzim Podgorica is PR director of the Albanian National Broadcast and TV Administration. He uses “miracle” to describe Hefei. He said Hefei is a city he would like to visit again in the future.


(Translated by Li Li, reviewed by Wang Jiwan and proofread by Chen Fei)