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Whirlpool Hefei Building in Use Now

The building of Whirlpool global R&D center and China headquarters was officially opened in Hefei High-tech Zone a few days ago. The global R&D center is a recognized China national enterprise technology center, national testing center and national industrial design center. It will give full play to the innovation advantages and actively promote its global-oriented and independent research and development.


This Hefei-base R&D center is one of the seven R&D centers of Whirlpool in the world. These center share resources and each has its individual advantages. Whirlpool China Company can start a program in different places of the world at the same time through its global platform. In this way, it can greatly shorten the R&D cycle for a product, make use of the outcomes from different R&D centers and add global properties to the product to be developed.


In 2017, Whirlpool achieved 21.3 billion US dollars in revenue worldwide.


The four assembly lines in the Hefei-based smart plant use such advanced technologies as those for robots, simulation and industrial Internet of things. As a result, it can produce a front-loading washing machine in 12 seconds, the advanced level in the washing machine industry.


(Translated by Li Li, reviewed by Wang Jiwan and proofread by Chen Fei)