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The 22nd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy Was Held In Hefei

On July 30, the 22nd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (hereinafter referred to as “IPS-22”) was held in Hefei. This conference gathered over 700 scientists from over 50 countries including Nobel Prize nominees and international leading scholars in Hefei to discuss on the photovoltaic industry and the development of solar energy technologies. This conference will close on August 2.


This conference is co-organized by Hefei Institute of Physical Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, North China Electric Power University, Tianjin University and Anhui New Energy Association. The purpose of this event is to address the important issue of how to efficiently transform optical energy, focus on the strategic development direction of the country, economic hot-spot and global scientific research forefront, conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on important scientific issues in many disciplines including green low-carbon development, energy saving and environment conservation, PV and photo-electricity.


It is understood the IPS conference is the major conference with the greatest influence, broadest coverage and longest history in the solar energy research direction of renewable energy field across the globe. It is called the “Olympics” of the photoelectric transformation field. The first conference was held in Boston, US in 1974. Since then it has been held every two years. Many Nobel Prize Laureates participated in this conference and published their most recent research findings on this conference. The convening of IPS-22 in Hefei will adequately demonstrate the rich scientific and education resources of Anhui and Hefei, attract high-level talents to learn about Anhui and settle down in Anhui, improve the international renown of our province and promote the fast development of the solar energy sector of our province.

(Translated by Ding Yunyun and proofread by Zhang Nan)