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Hefei Made the List of “the 2018 Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Best Business Environment”

  Recently, the 4th “Belt & Road” Park Development International Cooperation Summit and the 15th Chinese Enterprise Development Forum Business Environment Summit was held in Beijing. This summit released “the 2018 Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Best Business Environment (cases)”. Hefei was bestowed with this honor on the strength of its unique advantages and excellent political and business environment.


  Hefei Became National Typical Example with Shanghai and Shenzhen


  “The 2018 Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Best Business Environment (cases)” released by this summit were selected from nearly 1000 counties, districts, and parks and 100 cities across the nation. The organizer considered the actual local economic development indexes, and examined these cities from 5 dimensions including policy and governance, market, social service, financing and the environment of rule of law. The actual evaluation of enterprises was also considered to select these typical examples. Finally, Hefei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Xiamen made the list.


  Feng Bing, the former Executive Vice Chairman of China Enterprise Confederation and Vice President of China International Public Relations Association, pointed out that business environment was productivity and competitiveness. The quality of business environment directly determines the quality and speed of the economic growth of a region. From a certain perspective, the competition among regions is the competition of their business environments.


  The Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Best Business Environment (cases) released this time give full play to the role of market entities, and correctly deal with the relation between government and the market, minimize the burden on enterprises, provide services, get through “the last kilometer” for policies and enterprises, concretely increase the sense of gain of enterprises, and continue to stimulate the vitality and social creativity of market entities, and achieve quality development of local economy.


  As indicated by the list of the 2018 Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Best Business Environment (cases), the reason Hefei made the list is because Hefei scored significant achievement in promoting “travel once only to get things done at the government agencies” and aimed at developing an international city of innovation with global influence in technology innovation.


  We will Build Standardized and International Business Environment in the Future.


  With years of reform and development, the business environment of Hefei has significantly improved. Not only have we seen great effect in hardware investment and environment improvement and delivered an environment which is business-friendly and living-friendly to businesspeople in Hefei, but created flexible and powerful atmosphere for enterprises through soft environment improvement and substantial support..


  An entrepreneur in Hefei feels strongly on this point. He did not only enjoy all-round service in factory leasing, financing and certificate registration, but enjoyed policy support in taxation, talent, loan interest subsidies. It can be safely said that Hefei deserves its reputation as one of the 2018 Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Best Business Environment (cases).


  Streamlining administration, delegating power and improving service quality is a topic many enterprises pay close attention to. Hefei is seizing the opportunity of building market business environment with the rule of law to promote government services to more precisely guarantee the growth of real economy, and making every effort to develop standardized and international market atmosphere to help companies to thrive.


  In the future, Hefei will continue to drive streamlining administration and delegating power, coordinate and promote the separation of business certificate and business license and the reform of “integrating many certificates into one”, in order to minimize the items for administrative review. In addition, we have expedited the development of the platform of “Internet + government services” to cover the four levels of city, county, township and village. Efforts will be made to speed up the formation of “one net” for government services across the city, so that the online service of government can achieve full coverage with no blind angles and we will strive to provide all services online without the need for sitting face to face with entrepreneurs for review.

  (Translated by Ding Yunyun and proofread by Zhang Nan)