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The 8th Station is Capped, the 15th Primary Shield Tunneling Machine Begins to Tunnel,the Construction of Metro Line 4 is in Full Swing

In a sunny day, the construction of metro is going on busily. In recent days, the construction of Metro Line 4 has seen many construction nodes. The main body of the Science Avenue Station has been capped. The 15th primary shield tunneling machine begins to tunnel from Yining Road Station to Chaohu Road Station. So far, the main bodies of 8 stations on Line 4 have been capped. 18 of the 35 shield tunneling machines have descended the well, and 15 shield tunneling machines are tunneling. 11.5% of the total tunneling project has been finished.


On the morning of October 25, the left line tunneling project from Yining Road Station to Chaohu Road Station smoothly began, and this is the 15th primary shield tunneling machine on Line 4. This shield tunneling machine tunnels from Yining Road Station to Chaohu Road Station. After it departs Yining Road, it goes northward underneath the road, and it runs in curves to Dangtu Road. The tunnel is laid underground from Dangtu Road to Chaohu Road. It is 841.767 meters in length.


On the same day, good news came out from the engineering construction of Metro Line 4. As the concrete pouring of the ceiling of the last section finishes, the main body of the Science Avenue Station of TJ02 of Line 4 has been successfully capped, becoming the 8th station on Line 4 to be capped. The Science Avenue Station is at the intersection of Xiyou Road and Science Avenue, and it is mapped out east-west along Xiyou Road and it crosses the intersection. The station is a double-cross island station with two levels underground. The planned width of the road is 42 meters, the total length of the outer structure of the station is 196.6 meters, the standard width of the section is 20.7 meters, the length of effective platform is 120 meters, and the width of the platform is 12 meters. The envelop enclosure of the main body of the station adopts the system of bored pile plus interior support. It mainly employs open-cut method. Part of it employs the ordinal-covered excavation. Since the construction began in last September, 11 months have passed before the main body is successfully capped.


In addition, the development plan of Jinzhai Road Station on Metro Line 4 will be optimized in the upcoming period. In light of the external factors including road transport, Hefei Metro plans to move the fence at the west end of the main body project to the east while the construction is going on to evade the intersection area. The traffic reconciliation plan is adjusted to two-way four-lane, which will be rolled out on November 2. During the construction, Qimen Road will be blockaded. The construction period is between 24:00, November 2, 2018 and 24:00, October 20, 2020. The blockaded area includes half of the Qimen Road (within 300 meters east of Jinzhai Road). The traffic of Qimen Road is changed to two-way 4+2 lanes on the north of the fence. During the construction, the passing traffic can run through Longtu Road, Huishan Road, Jinzhai Road and Tangquan Road.

(Translated by Xia Shuang and proofread by Zhang Nan)