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A Package of Policies to Support the Development of Robot Industry in Hefei will be Rolled out Soon

In recent days, journalists learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission that applications will soon start for projects in 2018 related to the package of policies supporting the development of the robot industry. The roll-out of new policies will expedite the development of the robot industry of Hefei and Anhui Province, which focuses on developing the nationally-significant robot R&D and manufacture base, and the development of world-class robot advanced manufacture industrial agglomeration.


Helping Key Component Enterprises to Boost and Complete the Industrial Chain


According to the new policies, they will encourage the manufacturers of robots and key component companies to thrive, in an effort to complete the industrial chain. For newly-built and progressing projects of robot manufacturers with a total investment of RMB 10 million and above (with land price not included), there will be one-off subsidy to the tune of 5% of the equipment investment with a cap of RMB 5 million.


For producers of 5 key components including high precision decelerator, high performance servomotor and actuator, high-performance controller, sensor and end effector, a subsidy equaling 5 % of the purchase price (equal to or above RMB 20 million) of key equipment of newly-built or progressing projects will be awarded with a cap of RMB 5 million.


At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the industrial agglomeration. In addition, we will encourage Chinese and foreign industrial robot and service robot (including specialized robot) leading enterprises to make investment and set up factories or enterprise headquarters in Anhui. A one-time subsidy of RMB 1 million yuan will be awarded to the enterprises with the registered capital (paid-in investment, the same below) between RMB 100 million yuan and 1 billion yuan, and operating income of more than RMB 100 million yuan; and a one-time subsidy of RMB 2 million yuan will be given to the enterprises with the registered capital of above RMB1 billion yuan, and operating income of more than RMB 200 million yuan.


While applying for projects related to the package of policies on the development of robot industrial development, companies should pay attention to the following rule: Those companies who gravely breached the rules and violated the law, witnessed severe safety accidents, environment pollution accidents and serious product quality accidents are excluded from the group of recipients of the subsidies.


Encouraging Chinese and Foreign Higher Education Institutions to Establish Robot Technology Research Institute


Journalists also learned that in accordance with related policies of Anhui Province, in the future, we will encourage famous Chinese and overseas higher education institutions with leading robot technologies to establish world-class robot industrial technology research institute in robot strategic emerging industry agglomeration area including Hefei and carry out extensive cooperation in talent cultivation, project incubation, and collaborative innovation, foster the competitive advantage of the robot industry of Anhui province in core and key technologies, in a bid to develop industrial technology highland. For major cooperation matters, we can roll out project-based customized policies to gather resources to provide boosts.


Encourage Robot to Develop towards the High End. If the technical indicators of the robot have met the ten signature product requirement in the Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020) and this product has been put in batch application, a one-off reward of RMB 1 million will be given to the robot manufacturer, and a single enterprise can receive a maximum of RMB 2 million.


If the robot R&D and manufacturing enterprises have bought R&D instruments within the time-frame specified by the nation and the unit value of such equipment is lower than RMB 5 million, these enterprises are entitled to one-time pre-tax deduction of that year.

(Translated by Xia Shuang and proofread by Zhang Nan)