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The 12th Hefei International Culture Exposition was Wrapped up

On October 26 to 29, the Binhu International Convention Center which is only 9 kilometers from Chaohu, which boasts a vast expanse of water, welcomed visitors with an open and inclusive posture. With the theme of “Creativity Leads Quality Life” and the idea of development featuring “Quality and Content”, the 12th Hefei International Culture Exposition displayed stronger influence and demonstrated the fruitful achievement of Hefei in cultural cause and cultural industrial development in recent years, and showcased the brand-new business catalyzed by “culture+”. Exhibitors noted: “Hefei relies on resolute cultural confidence, strong sense of cultural responsibility and immense courage for innovation, Hefei has performed new acts on the new journey of cultural development.”


Although this year’s Hefei International Culture Exposition has been wrapped up, the fine-sounding melody of Hefei’s culture is still resonating.


The Theme is Distinct-The Omnipresent Creativity Leads Quality Life


“Life can be as good as creativity is.” Yang Chen, the leader of Hefei Intangible Heritage Protection Center told reporters: “This year’s exhibition area of intangible heritage fully demonstrated the theme of ‘creativity leads quality life’”.


Indeed, in this exhibition area, a gourd can be transformed into a bed-lamp, a pen-holder can be sculpted into the shape of peanuts, and an egg can be sculpted into a work of art. “This year, we called in designers and asked them to join hands with intangible heritage inheritors to create intangible heritage cultural and creative products. “Culture plus creativity” can not only promote the culture of intangible heritage but can also make intangible heritage readily accessible to the people.” Yang Chen told the reporters.


Stepping into the exhibition area for creative products of museum, you can find creativity everywhere. In the exhibition booth of Anhui Museum, the work of Pan Yuliang is painted on cheongsam, porcelain cup and umbrella. The audience cherishes them so much that they dip into their pockets to take them home. “Different from the cold and distant relics in the museum, these products of cultural creativity not only inspired our interest in the cultural relic knowledge they contain, but also made cultural relics take on new charm and become little “fresh as daisy” works of art we are not willing to let go.” Hu ting, a member of audience said so while pointing at a Pan Yuliang porcelain cup she just purchased.


At the booth of Royalstar, smart colorful wake-up eye protection lamp, flame stereo ambiance lamp and growing plant lamp attracted many audiences to press the shutters. A little lamp can really work such wonders, when creativity and technology are integrated, they can be amazing. “Chen Qingjun, a member of the audience gave a big thumbs-up and said so.


The crossover integration in the cultural industry and the crossover interaction among cultural elements have provided industrial boost to culture, and injected cultural agent into industries. It made a real difference by promoting the transformation of “simple life” of many people into “life with cultural meanings.” Yuan Jiahu, the Product Director of Pinguan Life household products told journalists.


“Rich Cultural Content + Crossover Integration” Injects Diversified Color


Today, as culture is integrated with technology, finance, commerce, tourism, and sports, this year’s Hefei International Cultural Exposition has significantly explored the crossover integration property of “culture” and therefore the content has become richer.


On the second-generation exercise routes, we can monitor the movement situation of body-builders in real-time, and provide scientific exercise guidance. The smart sports park relies on the big data platform to scientifically analyze the movement indicators of all the people. This year’s Hefei International Culture Exposition has integrated the content of “culture + sports” for the first time. In the part of “Exercise Hefei”, the futuristic technologies of scientific fitness made their stunning debuts.


In the exhibition area of culture and technology integration, through new products of forefront fields including new media, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and animation effects, citizens can get a glimpse of the new developments of the national culture and technology integration demonstration base, comic and animation base and digital publication base of our municipality. At the Anhui Provincial Creative Culture Industry Agglomeration Development Hefei Base Exhibition, citizens can quickly learn about the new achievements in digital publication, radio, film and television (convergence media, next-generation radio and television network) and Binhu Excellence City. In makers’ space exhibition, culture and sectors including science, Internet, commerce and fashion create beautiful sparkles.


“At the Hefei International Culture Exposition, we can feel clearly that it has become a new trend of the development of Heifei’s culture industry to improve the added value of products with cultural content and to boost the upgrade and transformation of traditional culture, foster emerging cultural business and promote the cultural industry agglomeration development with modern new and high technologies.” Wu Congren, the Operation Director of Anhui HOPSHINE Information Co., Ltd told the journalist.


People Welcome the Exposition which Provides Them with a Glimpse of Vast Varieties of New Products and Fresh Experiences and Benefits Them with Culture


At this year’s Hefei International Culture Exposition, famous craft masters from Fujian Province including ceramic sculpture master Chen Mingliang, tin carving master Lin Hui, Jian Zhan master Sun Xing arrived in Hefei organized by Fujian Handicraft Association, carrying along their excellent work of art.


“Without the Exposition I would never have had the opportunity to admire such masterly artifacts close up.” Wang Xiaojing, a citizen of Hefei, told the journalist at the National Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition.


Chen Junda, the Executive Deputy President of Fujian Handicraft Association, is an old friend of Hefei International Culture Exposition. He said: “In order to meet the new expectations of our people to enjoy quality life, we must provide rich nourishment for the mind and cultural products. This is exactly what Hefei International Culture Exposition highlighting ‘exposition and trade’ does.”


This year, targeting the brand-new cultural demand of the people, the Exposition staged the International Musical Instrument Exhibition for the first time, gathering fine contemporary and ancient musical instruments from home and abroad in Pavilion 8. It also upgraded the “Belt & Road” International Exhibition long favored by citizens and invited 60 cultural institutions, chambers of commerce and cultural companies from 15 countries to bring their cultural products showcasing exotic charm here. 3,000 square meters’ exhibition area was dedicated to Taiwan characteristic commodities of all sorts.


In addition to meeting the demands of the people, the Exposition is also pro-actively guiding and stimulating the citizens’ enthusiasm for cultural consumption.


Sai chunlian has brought bronze artifacts to participate in the National Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition for 3 years in a roll. She said: “Our artifacts are mainly life decorations. As the cultural consumption level of citizens of Hefei rose, our purchasers have been increasing year on year. ” Zhang Yuanyuan from Xiuyan, Liaoning felt the same: “When we came here for the first time, only a few citizens of Hefei knew our exhibits. But as our products were displayed and marketed year by year, more and more people recognized our Xiuyan Jade.

(Translated by Xia Shuang and proofread by Zhang Nan)