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The Sixth China· Hefei Technical Workers Festival Got off to a Great Start

The students of culinary art school made dragon whiskers noodles on the spot, and inheritor of intangible cultural heritage displayed the skills of egg decorating...On November 2, the Sixth China? Hefei Technical Worker Festival with the theme of “promoting the spirit of workmanship and developing major technical worker province” was held in Exhibition Hall No. 2 of Anhui International Convention Center. It is learned that the purpose of this festival was to fully demonstrate the adroit skills of skilled workers of all sorts of our city and their contribution to the society, and continue to foster the prevailing practice featuring the “Glory of Labor, Value of Skills and Greatness of Creativity” and the good atmosphere of respecting skills and learning skills.


15 Workers Demonstrate Unique Techniques


On the site of the activity, the host selected 15 skilled workers with unique techniques and inheritors of intangible cultural heritages from the prize winners of all levels of skill contests to demonstrate their skills on the scene. They all made a strong showing of their delicate skills.


Wang Jian is the representative inheritor of “Luzhou Egg Decorating”, which is one of the intangible cultural heritage projects of Anhui province. He has been involved in egg decorating for 25 years. On the scene of the technical workers’ festival, he did not only demonstrate scores of egg decorating work, but also performed egg decorating live. “The toughest part of egg decorating is the use of force in sculpting. Only with constant practice can this skill be commanded.” Wang Jian said he wished this skill could be known to more people and therefore be inherited through participation in the technical workers festival.


Pieces of wood and knives passed through the hands of Xu Ming’an, the representative inheritor of Luzhou Wood Sculpture. Within 10 minutes, a wood sculpture closely resembling the true object was finished. Xu Ming’an took up the craft of wood sculpture following his grandfather when he was 15 and has practiced this art for 35 years. He is best at the application of designs and patterns on wood sculptures. He also participates in the restoration and building of ancient architectures. Xu Ming’an told the journalist the following of this traditional art is shrinking and it got much tougher to find pupils. The reason he was here at the festival was not only to demonstrate his skills, but also to appeal to more followers who might pass the torch. “Turning a craft into an art takes a long journey. Participating in this kind of activities is like signing up for a cause for public good. I put on a show of my skills and publicized the skills of wood sculpture at the same time.” said Xu Ming’an.


The County and District Technical Talents Work Exhibition Areas were Established for the First Time


In the exhibition hall of this year’s technical workers festival, the county (municipality) district technical talents work exhibition area was intentionally set up. Counties (municipalities), districts, and development areas demonstrated the skilled talent development status quo, work achievements and future plans with pictures, words, videos, true objects and on-site performances.


At the entrance of Exhibition Hall 5, the booth of Xinzhan Hi and New Tech Zone was crowded with people observing the sculpting skill performance of Xi Bo, a sculptor of Anhui Shangbai Wood Co., Ltd. Xi Bo is one of the senior skilled talents specially invited by Xinzhan Hi and New Tech Zone to join this technical workers festival. “In order to participate in this festival, we established a special squad, and invited the skilled talents that can represent the features of our jurisdiction to join the show.” Han Jing, a staffer of the Personnel and Social Security Bureau of the Xinzhan Hi and New Tech Zone told the journalist. In recent years, the government of the zone guided enterprises to participate in extensive and various technique contests and skill PKs to encourage those born in the 199s to learn and hone their skills and fight for the status as the advocate of the spirit of the craftsmanship in the new era. As a result, excellent skilled workers stood out and turned out to be budding stars.


In addition to this, on the morning of the day, the Municipal Public Employment Personnel Service Management Center held the Skilled Talent On-site and On-line Career Fair at Hefei Talent Market in Bunan Road. 105 talent-hunting employers offered over 2,000 job openings to recruit the graduates of Technician Institutes and other talents. A recruitment drive was simultaneously launched on-line.

(Translated by Xia Shuang and proofread by Zhang Nan)