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Hefei was Elected “the City with the Sharpest Edge in Convention and Exhibition among Chinese Cities in 2018”

On November 2, the “2018 Chinese City Convention and Exhibition Sector Competitiveness Index Release Conference and International Convention and Exhibition Function Area (Agglomeration Area) Development Summit Forum” was opened in Chengdu. The forum released the 2018 Chinese City Convention and Exhibition Industry Competitiveness Index and the standing of the Top Cities in Terms of Competitiveness in 2018. Once again, Hefei was elected the Most Competitive Chinese City in Convention and Exhibition, and stood out from nearly 100 candidates. On the tally of provincial capital cities and prefecture cities (with municipalities directly under the central government and deputy-provincial cities excluded), Hefei was ranked No. 7, three notches up from the previous year.


In 2018, the convention and exhibition economy of our city maintained a stable performance and saw expansion, playing an important role in lifting the profile, advancing the industrial growth and expanding economic, trade and business attraction. This city is expected to stage 200 conventions and exhibitions covering an area of 2.06 million square meters, exceeding the yearly target. (The yearly target is to host 190 conventions and exhibitions covering 1.9 million square meters.) Hefei successfully hosted branded conventions and exhibitions including the 2018 World Manufacturing Convention and 2018 Investment and Trade Expo Anhui China, Hefei Spring Festival Purchase Fair, 2018 Anhui China the 15th International Automobile Exhibition, China Anhui International Appliance & Consumer Electronics Expo, Hefei International Culture Exposition, 2018 China Hefei Trees and Flowers Fair, 2018 China Anhui Famous High Quality Agricultural Products & Agricultural Industrialization Trade Fair (Hefei), and 2018 the 17th China (Anhui) International Wine & Food Fair. The municipality has released the Measures of Hefei Municipality on Promoting the Regulated Development of the Industry of Convention and Exhibition, which was the first municipal level convention and exhibition industry regulation and promotion document in 10 years. This document put in place a joint conference system for the development of the convention and exhibition industry. The boost to convention and exhibition decision-making and service has continued to expand. In addition, our city pro-actively promoted the convention and exhibition promotion and publicity, strengthened the communication with our peers in the convention and exhibition industry in cities in and out of the province, cementing our cooperation in resource-sharing, enterprise cooperation, brand interaction, and talent exchanges. We have successfully brought Phoenix Exhibition to Hefei and enabled an exhibition under its care-the China International Seed Expo and the 16th National Seed Information Exchange and Product Fair to be put on in Hefei.


The selection of the “Most Competitive Chinese City in Convention and Exhibition” was executed by China Convention and Exhibition Society, an institution under Ministry of Commerce. It compared and analyzed the data of convention and exhibition industry of nearly 100 cities across the nation in 4 respects, namely, the comprehensive urban environment competitiveness, the professional competitiveness of urban convention and exhibition industry, convention and exhibition education competitiveness and urban convention and exhibition government competitiveness, and the result of selection has wide influence and authority in the industry.