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Lei Street Won the Title as the First “Chinese Characteristic Commercial Street” in the Province

Recently, the 2018 16th China Hefei Commercial Block Industry Annual Meeting aka the Commercial Block “Sanpin” Enhancement Experience Exchange Meeting kicked off. Lei Street won the title as the first “Chinese Characteristic Commercial Street” in the province, and the plaque was awarded at the meeting.


Currently, the Phase 1 Characteristic Catering Cultural Block, Phase 2 Anhui Style Cultural Experience Block and Phase 3 Characteristic Creative Start-up Block have been completed. Next, in accordance with the old city reinvigoration strategy, Baohe District will, press ahead with the development of Phase 4 of Lei Street. The positioning is centered on cultural creativity, and inheriting the history and culture, and developing “big Lei Street”. The project is expected to be wrapped up by the end of the next year.


“We will comprehensively upgrade Phase 1, 2 and 3 of Lei Street, and start the construction of Phase 4. Effort will be made to develop a characteristic block with many branded companies based here, diversified business pattern, rich local culture, highlighted tourism and leisure functions and standardized management. “The leader of Lei Street introduced that the area of “Big Lei Street” extended to Ma’anshan Road in the east, Huizhou Avenue in the west, South Two Ring Road in the south and Hechao Road in the north. It covers an area of 1 square kilometer and will develop into an IP unique to Baohe District, a landmark of Hefei and a nationally-renowned block.


It is learned that this year’s China Hefei Commercial Block Industry Annual Meeting aims to improve the quality, brand and taste of business blocks, enhance the communication and cooperation among business blocks nationwide and develop business streets with history, culture, commercial soul, business tactics and famous brand. At this annual meeting, representatives of famous and special business blocks including Wangfujing of Beijing, Broad and Narrow Alley of Chengdu, 1912 of Nanjing and Guanqian Street of Suzhou were gathered in Baohe District to exchange their experience of enhancing business blocks.