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Postal Service

Separated from the original postal and telecommunication management, Anhui Post Bureau was inaugurated on December 25,1998 and it is co-administered by both China State Post Bureau and Anhui local government with the former exercising principal authority. The Bureau is engaged in planning, building, running and managing post networks throughout Anhui Province. It is also entitled to supervise the province's post sector in accordance with the authorization from China State Post Bureau.


Its post network, both physical and electronic, has taken shape as a result of the bureau taking the opportunity to fast develop and expand its post and telecommunication capacities in the whole province since its establishment.So far, a total of 2,128 local post offices has been set up, with 3 second-level and 4 third-level district bureaus as the sub-centers, a key hub of postal service, linking up all the cities, counties and towns in Anhui Province has been set up. The postal routes, including inter-province trunk ones, inter-city ones and rural area ones, extends to more than 43,000 kilometers. The bureau is equipped with up-to-date mail processing facilities. The number of mailboxes and newspaper stalls has reached 1,160,000 and 912 respectively.



Anhui Post Bureau has expanded its financial computer complex on a larger scale and improved its comprehensive on-line network, both making availability for all possible businesses like deposit, remittance, newspaper and magazine distribution, and EMS inquiry on the Internet.


In order to meet the ongoing needs of customers, the bureau has initiated new types of services by integrating its advantages of logistics, fast remittance delivery and communication network to turn itself into a thorough logistics entity to develop its e-business in postal services in addition to its traditional services like mail, parcel, remittance, newspaper and magazine distribution, philately and EMS.


New services include logistics distribution, commercial and advertisement mails, courtesy mails and various kinds of payment such as wages, salary and pension and even purchase of insurance, all of which have received heartfelt welcome from customers. The bureau has also introduced e-remittance and EMS services to its customers on the basis of improving or upgrading its quality in customer service. Nowadays in Anhui, mail delivery, financial service; philately, logistics and telecommunication service have laid a brand new postal business landscape, which is dubbed as Four mainstream catalogues.


In terms of its fashion of services, apart from the old-fashion counter service, the bureau has set up a call center (telephone number 185) and an Internet website ( In this way, by either making a simple phone call or logging onto the website, the postal services are available to our customers even when they are home. The Village Post Project and the project related to service presence in commercial departments, campuses and grass-root communities made the service extending to all the corners of the society and facilitated people from all walks of life to have more convenient access to the most needed services.


The post and communication industry develops with a faster speed now. The total volume of P&T reached 7.94 billion Yuan in 2012. The volume of postal business reached 529 million yuan, with an increase of 35.6%. The volume of telecom business reached 6.916 billion Yuan with an increase of 10.4%. The number of household telephone users decreased to 1.91 million. Mobile phone users have soared to 6.155million with an increase of 407,800 users.