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Landscaping and Afforestation

Hefei was named one of the three national garden cities in 1982. Here, the city is embraced in green trees, air is fresh ,flowers are in bloom all the year around, and the landscape features both small hills and large pieces of waters. Here, the green coverage in the urban area takes up 37%, while per capita green area is 8.7 spuare meters. The layout of the city proper featuring "Gardens in the City, and the City in Gardens" is unique in China. The 8.7 km-long Ring Park, with a water-and-land area of 137.6 hectares, is just like an emerald necklace around the old urban area and linking the new urban districts.



Hefei has been entitled an excellent tourism city in China. With unique features, Baogong Park (Load Bao's Park) and Huiyuan Park are two AAAA-level parks located in Hefei. Xiaoyaojin (Carefree Ferry) park, Mt. Dashu, Mt. Zipeng, Daishan Lack and ancient Sanhe Town have distinctive views respectively. Hefei is an important tourist destination and also a tourist traffic center, in its neighboring area in 250 kilometers, there lie national famous scenic areas such as Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Jiuhua, Taiping Lake, Mt. Tianzhu, Mt. Langya, etc.