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Population and Employment

The population growth was continuously under control. According to statistics released for an annual report by the security department, by the end of 2012, the total resident population of the city reached 7,572,000, with an increase of 51,000. The registered population of the city reached 7,105,000,  with an increase of  43,700, of  which urban registered population reached 2,222,000.


According to a uniformed statistics, by the end of 2012, there were 1,155,700 employees in Hefei. The on-the post staff and workers totaled 1,032,600.



Urban and rural residents' life had been further improved.Urban and rural residents' life had been further improved. In 2012, the per capita disposable income was 25,434 yuan, with an increase of 13.2% over the previous year; Per Capita Annual Living Expenditures Consumption was 18,758yuan, up 19.5% over 2010; The Engel's coefficient of urban residents was 34.2%.


In 2012, 45,900 laid-off workers were re-employed with the help of the Re-employment Service Center.


There were 36 employment agencies in Hefei, including eight comprehensive ones established by the labor departments at municipal and county (district) levels and two specific ones for transportation and construction sectors. All the job centers were connected by network, which enabled the real-time and citywide communication. The job centers had dealt with 97,847 cases in 2010, provided personal file keeping services to 22,053 people, deposited endowment insurance for 168,171 people, and completed medical insurance for 140,033 people.