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Social Security

Endowment Insurance: In 2012, the unified Basic Endowment Insurance had covered 1,324,200 staff and workers in Hefei. The sum of money to be collected for the fund in the year was about 7.41 billion yuan. All 7.33 billion yuan had been allocated, fulfilling the task 98.9% according to plan. In 2012, socialized old-age pension payment maintained at 100%.



Unemployment Insurance: In 2012, the Unemployment Insurance covered 982,800 staff and workers in Hefei. The foud of 772,142,500 yuan had been allocated from the unemployed insurance. The newly registered unemployed accumulated to 21,751 Work Injury Insurance: In 2012, the Work Injury Insurance covered 1,095,000 people and premiums collected totaled 271,221,100 yuan was used for 21,281 work injuries cases.


Maternity Insurance: In 2012, the Maternity Insurance covered 929,800 people and premiums collected totaled 166,299,400 yuan was spent on 24,306 female workers.


Medical Insurance: In 2012, the Medical Insurance for urban residents covered 1,733,800 people and premiums collected accounted totaled 451,493,000yuan.